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About Denise 


Denise Kilonsky is a Health Kinesiologist, Emotion + Body Code Practitioner, and Energy Healer with 19+ years of experience.  Her work encompasses a wide variety of energy based healing modalities which benefit a person on subtle, physical, emotional, and mental levels. 

Energetic healing facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal itself and function at its full potential by clearing blocks in the energy fields (meridians), repairing and rebalancing the body and restoring its ability to function at optimal levels.

It can be used to address: physical, emotional and mental issues, faulty belief systems, trauma, PTSD, environmental stress, allergies and other blocks to personal well-being. 

Denise can be contacted at 318-459-9125 (office) or 318-458-3922 (cell) for appointments or more information.

Accupuncture Shreveport
745 Olive St. Suite 212
Shreveport, LA  71104