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 What is an Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner?

Dr. Bradley Nelson developed an all inclusive system called the Body Code™. It involves six different types of imbalances that can occur within the body. Correction of these imbalances help the body to heal itself the way it was intended.

One of these imbalances deals with the Emotional aspects and from this section, he wrote the book called "The Emotion Code™".

Since the body is made of energy and our emotions are also made of energy, the use of the Emotion Code™ is vital. So many of the imbalances we find can be traced back to the fundamental emotion that caused the imbalance.

Granted, not everything is tied to an emotion, but the techniques used in working the Emotion Code™ are consistent with the Body Code™.

A  practitioner of the Emotion Code™ is someone who uses the system designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Anyone can do this and learn to "listen" to the sub-conscious, receiving answers to questions through the use of muscle testing regarding trapped emotions that can be released. Everyone is encouraged to share Dr. Nelson's information with others. This person does not have the authority to "Charge" for their work until they are "Certified".

To receive certification, the practitioner must purchase the approved program 
and is required to
complete a series of training and study to qualify that person to competently
 provide the service. There is also an intership where practice is done with live patients ... some of which are animals!

Dr. Nelson then has his staff certify that all requirements have been met to qualify that person to use his system as well as vetting their character as an upstanding individual. At this time they can legally charge for their services depending on local laws regarding this type of healing.

A Certified Body Code™ practitioner has taken the next step and purchased the training and materials needed to do the more comprehensive work required. Understanding that the Emotion Code™ is only 1/6th of the Body Code™ system, it helps to clarify the depth the Body Code™ usage has over just the Emotion Code™.

Once again, study, training and hands on internship is a prerequsite to receiving a certification in this advanced system. This helps to ensure the client that they are receiving the most complete care possible through knowledge and use of the work Dr. Nelson has developed.