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Denise Kilonsky’s Journey with Chronic Myleoid Leukemia (CML)  


In May 2009 my white blood count (WBC) was slightly elevated and my Dr. repeated the test in June but failed to call me because she was gone and her replacement let it fall through the cracks. 

I was traveling during July/August and felt a bit of a malaise.  I wasn’t feeling my usual energetic self.   I was having a lot of sinus issues and aches and pains; more frequent headaches some of which turned into migraines.  I was having more frequent hot flashes that usually started around 9 PM and would often wake me up every couple of hours because I was so hot.  I thought perhaps I needed supplementation for my hormones.  I had a hysterectomy in 1995 due to Endometriosis and they removed both of my ovaries to stop my estrogen which was feeding/causing that condition.)  I felt that perhaps my body was trying to tell me that it was time to get serious on cleaning up my “health act”, so when I returned in late August, I contacted a Naturopath in Monroe, LA for a consultation.   

She used a Computerized Electro Dermal Bio-Feedback Screening to e valuate my nutritional needs, toxicities and imbalances.  My liver tested quite “challenged” as well as my kidneys and adrenals.  She had me do a saliva test and it confirmed that my adrenals were “shot”.  She started me on a cleansing diet eating mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and eliminating animal proteins, wheat, dairy, sugar, and corn – all things I tested weak to on the Dermal test.  She also gave me a liver tincture to help my liver cleanse itself along with a sinus support and enzymes.  I followed the diet for 2 months and lost 15 lbs. 

Meanwhile I had returned to my medical Dr. and she apologized for my having fallen through the cracks and repeated tests on my blood.  That was on 29 September 2009 and my WBC was up to 43.0 (Normal Range: 4.5 - 10.5 K/cmm) and my platelets were also elevated to 1003 (Normal Range 150. - 450. K/cmm) .  Not good.  She referred me to Oncology to be checked out for Leukemia.  In Oct. 2009 I had a bone marrow biopsy which confirmed I had Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) because I had the Philadelphia Chromosome.   


I was unwilling at this point to go on Gleevec, the Chemo medication the Dr. recommended which targets the “defective chromosome”.  I always prefer to use Holistic when possible.  I contacted a friend who Is a Naturopathic Dr./Homeopath in Ohio and began treatment with her in late Oct.  I did a 15 day cleanse at her recommendation using a Rice Protein shake and eating mostly grains, fresh vegetables, fruit and minimal meats.  I continued to eliminate the wheat, & sugar but was doing a little dairy in my morning tea. 

On 21 January 2010 she recommended  I complete a Heavy Metal Detox by taking 1500 mg of DMSA and collection of my urine for 6 hours to determine if I had Heavy Metal Toxicity.  I mailed the samples and my Naturopath used that information to adjust my treatment.   

I had some “healing responses” from the naturopathic treatment.  The first few months every couple of weeks I would have a severe headache like a migraine which would put me in bed for the day.  I continued to have mild headaches.  I had an eruption of athlete’s foot – I used to have that at age 7 but not since.  The Naturopath said that when using Homeopathy it triggers the body to heal old illnesses or diseases.   

Then I experienced a Herpes Type I outbreak in mid December.  I have never had Herpes before so that was quite perplexing!  I had been exposed to a person with a fever blister just prior to that outbreak however.  The Dr.’s felt like it was a result of my continuing increasing WBC which was compromising my immune system even further.  I took an antiviral medication for 10 days to clear it up.  My eyes were also sensitive to bright sunlight and if I don’t wear dark sunglasses I get a very bad headache. 

One other thing that persisted was a pulsing noise in my right ear that I hear only when I lay down at night.  I hold my nose and blow to pop it but the clearing only lasts a few seconds.  I have been to ENT and they say everything is clear, so I have no idea why that is happening.  That stopped at some point a few years later. 

Through my chiropractors’ office I used an immune boosting protocol that is said to have a 75% success rate in improving the lab tests.  They say do it for 30 days and the white blood count could be cut in half.  It also involved an alkalizing diet.  He did a live blood cell analysis and the before and after results were remarkable in how improved my blood looked.  But it alone didn’t improve my lab results nor cut the WBC in half!  (You really do have to be careful and use a lot of discernment when believing everything health professionals tell you!)  Perhaps it works for some, but sadly, it didn’t give me the results I was hoping for.  

For 5 months I was seeing a Naturopath and Homeopath and taking the recommended herbs, homeopathic remedies and made necessary dietary changes. I was also having regular Chiropractic adjustments to keep my spine properly aligned so my organs could work properly.  All these treatments was unsuccessful at lowering my white blood count and platelet levels.  In Feb. 2010 I decided to go on the medication because my Oncologist was very concerned that my WBC and Platelet counts were increasing instead of decreasing.  Here is a chart I made of the lab results. 

Started Gleevec 















4.5 - 10.5 K/cmm 













4.2 - 5.4 M/cmm 













150. - 450. K/cmm 













My family was very critical and fearful that I was choosing to follow this course of treatment and I was under a lot of stress as a result. So I think that partly influenced why my levels didn't improve.  It was so stressful at one point that I considered "running away" just to be free of the stress so I could continue what I was doing holistically.  I figured that would have been even more stressful though, so I stayed.  Intuitively I figured it would take a year to affect the necessary changes following the Holistic course, but due to family pressures, I caved in and went on Chemo. 


I fully intended to heal myself using whatever means necessary including going on medication if it was warranted. I continued to see the Naturopath while taking the Chemo to help reduce side-effects and hopefully support my body in restoring my immune system. To my doctor’s surprise, my body responded very quickly to treatment.  My levels returned to normal within the first two months instead of 3-6 months or longer that most patients experience.  I probably continued the Naturopathic treatments for another 6 months and discontinued it because I just couldn't afford to continue paying $600+ every month for it.  


2011 was when I found The Emotion Code and started using it right away.  I was also doing other forms of energy healing that I knew; Health Kinesiology, Psych-K, Reiki, EFT and others.  I also was seeing a Chiropractor that felt that proper alignment of the spine was critical to restoring my immune system - I'm not so sure that really helped as much as everything else I was doing. 


I experienced a terrible itchy rash on my abdomen that wouldn’t go away.  It was one of the side effects of the medication.  In 2012 I decided to start weaning myself off my Chemo pills. (I told my doctor and although he didn't support my decision, I told him I was going to do it anyway!  We agreed that I would continue to have him monitor my progress with monthly then quarterly blood work and the agreement that I would resume medication if the levels increased.) 


I was on 2 doses a day, I took 200 mg of Gleevec - 2 pills in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m.  So, I started slowly, first 2 a.m. / 1 p.m. for 6 months, then 1 a.m. and 1 p.m.  That actually didn't work and my blood levels started to creep back up, so I went back to the 2 a.m. / 1 p.m. dose since that seemed to work.  Did that for another 6 months and cut back again to the 1/1 and that seemed to be holding.  I was changed to Nilotinib  because the rashes persisted (I can't remember the exact timeframes, sorry.)  Eventually, I cut back to 1 pill a day for maybe 6 months or a year and eventually stopped completely in Jan 2015.  My blood work levels have stayed within the normal range since then.  To date, I have been Chemo pill free since May 2015 and all is well.  Last check up my blood levels are still completely normal and looking great.  


I think I was able to purchase the Body Code (BC) in 2014 so that's when I started using BC for the CML and every other mental, emotional and spiritual aspects I was wanting to improve in my life.  I worked on myself and swapped with other practitioners. So, my journey has been a multitude of things.  Not just, EC/BC.  Although, I have probably used it the most since having purchased it in 2014 and I've been able to receive a lot of healing via the swaps I've been able to do with other EC/BC practitioners. 


Each person has to make their own decision along with their doctor and family and decide which the best course of action is based on their own belief system.  If we believe that if we take the pills the doctor prescribes will work or if we don’t believe it will work, life will find the proof for us.    


My recommendation for anybody is to try everything available, even doctors or surgery or whatever.  I wanted to be able to heal the CML holistically, but that didn't happen for me.  I had to go on Chemo to get my blood counts under control.  I needed both.  Each person has to make their own choice and it has to work within their belief system. 


Denise Kilonsky