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 What is Distance Healing



Distance healing is the ability to work with someone, the client, without them being physically present with the practitioner doing the healing. The healer makes an energetic connection with the client and is able to perform the needed adjustments, alignments and releases of energy to allow the client to return to balance, thus allowing the client's body to heal itself. This works whether the two parties are in the same room or spanning the globe at opposite sides. Using the power of the mind and with permission of the client, the connection can be established and reliably tested for imbalances. Having established the imbalances and the causes, corrections are made.

Why distance sessions can work

For many people it is difficult to understand how distance healing can be done. We have been programmed into believing we have to be available physically in order for us to be “checked out” by a doctor or other medical professional. There is something personal when they can put their expertise into use by poking and prodding during an exam; we feel like something is being done because we can see it and feel it.

In energy work, you cannot see the energy, even though you can feel it. One of the experiments I like to do with clients during a session is have them “feel” the ball of energy in an emotion just before we release it. I can determine the location of the energy on the body since I am connected to you. With that information, in most cases you can feel that energy with your hand and then after the release, it is gone. This can be done whether or not you are present in my office or communicating via Skype or phone.

Let’s look at another example that we accept in the world today.

I purchased a Kindle Fire tablet so I could do my work anywhere with the use of an app. I received instructions on the use of my Kindle to a degree, but sometimes I can’t figure out how to get something to work or I just messed something up.

There is a “Mayday” options on every Kindle Fire that when pressed, a person comes online and I can see them. They talk to me and then after receiving permission, they take control of my Kindle and make the corrections needed. They instruct me by circling the options I need to take and pretty much do whatever they need to do to make my Kindle friendly again. Then they log off and I’m on my own. They did this without me being there or them being here, yet work WAS done because I experienced the difference. I don’t understand the technology, but it works. I’m a happy camper!

This is exactly what happens during a distance session. I log onto your subconscious, WITH PERMISSION, and communicate directly with your core controller … your subconscious. At that point of connection which I achieve through a prayer to God for proper guidance, we, (you and I), can determine what is going on with your system. It answers questions as I use a series of over 260 charts to drill down to establish what the actual cause is for your situation. You can either be there with me for the experience via Office, Skype or Phone, or you could have given me permission to do the work at a specified time.

This is also why I can do emergency work for someone stuck in their car and having a meltdown at the mall. If you call or send a text, I just tap into the most efficient communication system devised … the human mind. If it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t be able to say prayer at night and expect it to get past the ceiling. You wouldn’t experience that friend that calls you, when you have been thinking about them or knowing you need to contact someone because you “feel” they need you. This is the human energy communication system at work … we are all connected.