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  Denise J. Kilonsky




Bachelor of Science, cum laude graduate, Liberal Arts, Bachelor of General Studies, majoring in Psychology, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana, August 2006 




Craniosacral Therapy Introduction, September 2018 

The Body Code, Certified September 2018 

Aromatouch Technique Training, November 2017 

Ancestral Clearing, John Newton’s Basic & Advanced Practitioner Training, October 2017 

The Emotion Code, Certified May 2014 

The Centered Coach, February 2008 

Assertion, Empathy & Forgiveness, February, 2008 

The Heart of Verbal Healing, January 2008 

Freedom from Addiction & Co-Dependence, November 2007 

Signature Cell Healing, August 2005 

Psych-K, Advanced, March 2004 

Psych-K, Basic, November 2003 

Integrated Energy Therapy, Basic, October 2003 

Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT), Advanced, July 2003 

Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Therapy, May 2003 

Healing from the Body Level Up, May 2003 

Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho, levels, 1, 2, July 1999 and 3rd Degree Master Certification, March 2003 

Allergy Antidotes, May 2002 

Counseling for Non-Counselors, May 2002 

Academie of Sacred Aromatics, October 2001 

Seemorg Matrix Work Level 1, May 2001  

Sekhem Method Advanced, April 2000 

Sekhem Method of Natural Healing, levels 1, 2, October 1999 

Health Kinesiology Studies, October 1999