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While serving with the United States Air Force in England, Denise Kilonsky was faced with serious health issues that threatened her ability to function in a very demanding position.  Although her first challenge was resolved through traditional medical and surgical techniques, she became aware of the power of Energy Healing on the outcome of our experiences.  She then used that awareness to form a powerful intention to heal when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Traditional medicine holds that Fibromyalgia cannot be “cured” but symptoms can be “managed”.  The acceptance and availability of alternative therapies in England opened the door for Denise to explore other options.  She worked with a Health Kinesiologist and within a month was free of Fibromyalgia symptoms.  She also integrated massage therapy, an herbalist and an Osteopath to regain her health and vitality.  While continuing her work with the USAF, she committed to begin training to become an energetic healer and share this knowledge with others. 

In 1999, she began training in Health Kinesiology at the University of Leeds in England under the direction of Dr. Jimmy Scott, the creator of HK™. According to Dr. Scott: “HK™ is an original and specific brand of BioEnergetic Kinesiology, a relatively new discipline, which uses muscle testing/monitoring to gather genuine energy information from the body and employs a variety of bioenergetic balancing methods to help you alleviate stress and make significant life changes”. It was through this program that Denise learned to communicate directly with the subconscious of her clients, bringing to light valuable information that they were unable to access. 

Her journey as a healer had begun in earnest.  Denise continued her career in the Air Force until her mother became ill and Denise retired to return home to care for her parents. Denise used her skills as a healer to support her mother and ease her last months of life. There was little time to enjoy retirement as her father underwent triple heart by-pass surgery within four months of her Mother’s death.  He said he wouldn’t have made it through the agonizing healing had it not been for her energy healing work.    

In October of 2009, Denise was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.  Her understanding of the natural healing abilities of the body and her desire to avoid chemo, lead her to choose alternative options.  As for many, the decision was difficult for her family to accept.  She decided to work with a Naturopath, Homeopath and Chiropractor, while using her varied skills in energetic healing.  Her oncologist reluctantly agreed to monitor her while she pursued this course of action.  By February of 2010, she realized that her blood tests were not improving, and she made the decision to begin the oral chemo.  Her oncologist was amazed at her body’s quick response to the medication.  She attributed this to the healing work that she had done and vowed to continue her quest to be “chemo free”.   

In 2011, Denise was introduced to The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  She began to use this work to clear any trapped emotions that could be impeding her healing.  Her oncologist had told her that she had never had a patient who was able to come off the chemo and still maintain blood health.  Denise was determined to demonstrate it could be done.   

In 2014, Denise began working with The Body Code, software developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson who authored The Emotion Code.  She augmented the software with the many tools she had accumulated over 15 years of training in energy healing modalities and by January of 2015; she was able to stop the chemo completely and remains CML free to this day. 

For the past 19 years, Denise has continued her education.  Each new modality she has studied has added to her understanding of the subtle variations in the human energy field and allows her to customize the healing process for each individual client.    

Today, Denise practices locally at Acupuncture Shreveport in Shreveport, LA.  She also serves clients throughout the U.S. and abroad through her “remote” healing sessions.  Her local community continues to grow and gathers at her Healing Retreat near beautiful Lake Bistineau in Louisiana, where Denise provides experiences that educate and elevate the spirituality and wholeness of all present.  Denise is passionate in her desire to create a world where we can experience harmony and balance. Her belief that we are all connected assures her that each client that finds healing provides, through a ripple effect, the opportunity for others to heal as well.