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TESTIMONIAL:  (Chronic Back Pain).  I have had back issues for many years - over thirty and have had two surgeries on L5/S1.  In December 2014 I had a major problem, I could hardly walk due to extreme pain and lost most feeling in my left foot.  I went to the emergency room three times in two weeks, had an MRI done and took a lot of pain pills but had little relief.  Over the weeks and months that followed with physical therapy and medication I was able to function but not real well. Then I met up with Denise in June 2015.  After the first session I felt considerably better and after a few more sessions I felt a whole lot better.  I had many trapped emotions that needed to be released and she was able to help me do that even over the phone several hundred miles away. Today I still have some abnormal feelings in my left foot but I take no medications of any kind and my back is 100% better.  Many people may say impossible, but I am living proof that what she does really works and I am a very thankful man each and every day of my life.         

~ Sincerely, Matthew A. Miller 

TESTIMONIAL:  (Suffers from Fibromyalgia & Celiac) Thanks so much for the loving and very beneficial session.  I was totally exhausted afterward, but now (3 hours later) I am more energetic than usual following a really challenging week.  I feel a lightness and freedom in my head that hasn't been there for quite some time. 

Update:  Dec 2015.  I just got back from my doctor and I got a clean slate on my health, so it's a great start to the new year and I appreciate all your work  in helping to guide me toward healing.

~ Thank You, CR 

TESTIMONIAL:  I have had several sessions with Denise Kilonsky using The Body Code, The Emotion Code , Psych-K, and other healing modalities. I find her to be very thorough. Her work involves a combination of the spirit, the mind, the emotions and the body and is holistic in nature.  

I find her to be very intuitive and gentle using whichever modality or combination of modalities the issue seems to require for resolution. She never pushes me to go where I'm not ready to go. Her work with me has benefitted me tremendously in my personal life as well as my relationships. I will continue my work with her as issues surface and I feel I will benefit from her gifts and expertise.  

~ Holly W. 

TESTIMONIAL:  Mrs. Denise is one of the most wonderful persons I’ve ever come across. She is very in tune with other people. She has a true gift of healing. She’s a fantastic listener and very receptive to people’s requests. One of her cool techniques involves a magnetized device {Nikken MAG Roller} to release trapped energy. This technique has worked miracles on giant knots and pains in my back and shoulders. Not to mention getting rid of negative energy that needed to be released for healing. The energy work that Denise has done for me is nothing short of a miracle. Every time we have met for a session the energy healing has been spot on and has helped to heal my conscious and subconscious tremendously, thus improving my life tremendously.  I have gained a new sense of confidence, happiness and peace because of the work we have done.                                                      

Another wonderful thing about her work it is that it really has no boundaries to what one can work on. Anything from generational healing, to work on fears, to work on physical pains, she can help heal these things and more. Anyone would be incredibly blessed to receive Denise’s life changing services. The benefits are endless; my life has truly gone though a positive breakthrough since my first session with her. I feel more mentally and spiritually connected than I ever have in my life right now and the sessions and learning about energy work have most certainly contributed to that growth.  

~ Name Witheld