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 What is a Heart Wall?

Here is Dr. Nelson's 1 minute explanation:

"During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured - this is where the words "heartache" and "heartbreak" come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a "wall" around the heart - but you can't build a wall of nothing, right? What ends up being used as "building materials" are the most common excess energies in the body - Trapped Emotions. The problem is that the Heart-Wall doesn't dissolve on its own, even if you don't need it anymore. Having a Heart-Wall long-term is like living in a bomb shelter- it's necessary short-term to protect you while the "bombs" are falling, but if you continue to "live" in there you'll feel sad, disconnected, frustrated and you could even end up heart disease or other heart problems down the road. The heart-Wall can be removed, one emotion at a time - freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. Now that's what life is all about!"

PS - We believe that 93% of people have a Heart-Wall - is it any wonder that #1 killer in the US (and several other Western countries) is heart disease? I think not ... Let's end this epidemic!

Denise here ...

The interesting thing about a Heart Wall is that it can be composed of just about anything your sub-conscious wants to build it out of. Every time I think I've heard them all, a new one arrises and I update my chart. I've updated it about 5 times now and have over 300 different materials. Remember that it is imaginary and being imaginary ... its whatever your imagination wants to build it out of!

The depth of the material is also up to the whim of your sub-conscious. It may be inches or it could be 1000's of miles thick. Most Heart Walls are composed of between 3 - 15 emotions, each being removed separately one at a time until they are gone. It usually takes more than one session to remove them completely. The reason the thickness of the wall is important is to create a baseline we can check to see how much a particular emotion affected you as it is released. After each release, we check the thickness.

Here are a few of the Heart Wall Materials I have delt with ... and yes, animals can have Heart Walls too!

  1. Scrapbook Paper
  2. Plywood
  3. Slate
  4. Leaves
  5. Plastic Sheet protectors
  6. Plastic Sheeting
  7. Stone
  8. Walnut (hardwood)
  9. Blankets
  10. Cardboard
  11. Cement
  12. Craft Paper
  13. Steel Bars
  14. Stained Glass
  15. Shiny Aluminum
  16. Linoleum
  17. Oak
  18. Pine
  19. Darkness
  20. Fire
  21. Light
  22. Nitrogen Gas
  23. Sunshine
  24. Ice
  25. Notebook Paper
  26. Pottery
  27. Marble
  28. Butcher Paper
  29. Rubber Toys
  30. Cabinets
  31. Computer Screens
  32. Bricks
  33. Concrete
  34. Rebar
  35. Ceramic
  36. Leaves
  37. Glass
  38. Dirt
  39. Meteors
  40. Branches
  41. Clouds
  42. Vapor
  43. Water
  44. Mirror
  45. Brass
  46. Diamonds
  47. Carpet
  48. Alien Materials
  49. Kryptonite
  50. Lava