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Emotions are part of life. We experience them with every day we live. Sometimes when they don't process completely out of our system, they become trapped in the electrical flow of our bodies. Over time, they can cause problems in the areas they were trapped due to the re-routed flow of energy.

When these trapped emotions are released, the natural flow of energy resumes and allows the body to function as it should.

Through the use of Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, or muscle testing, a way to co
mmunicate with the sub-conscious allows us to access important information regarding your personal health and well being.

 Thanks to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of "The Emotion Code"™, a viable system has been created to easily remove these trapped emotions. Frequently resulting in a new opportunity for the body to heal itself, whether it be a physical, mental or emotional distress.

These techniques have been taught to certified Emotion Code™ practitioners to assist in the holistic approach of healing.

Sometimes we becomed trapped by our emotions. We find ourselves surrounded by blocks and walls that isolate us.



This information helps us locate and remove the trapped emotions the body is ready to release.

   Because the emotions are comprised of energy, the use of magnets are employed to remove and redirect the energy flow. Amazingly, this can also be done remotely as well as in person. This allows the possibility of release from anywhere in the world.