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Pets & Animals

Have you ever wondered if your pets or animal friends can become traumatized or emotionally disturbed? The quick answer is yes they can!  

One of the amazing attributes of using the Emotion Code™ or Body Code™ systems is the ability to work with any living creature that possesses a spirit. Just as we have both a conscious and subconscious, our pets are built in with the same set up. 

They can be affected in many ways that manifest themselves to us as misbehavior or physical handicaps. Their subconscious minds possess a knowledge of all that has happened to them and what it takes to free them from traumatic experiences. 

I’ll give you the example of “Lewis” the Chihuahua. Lewis is 13 years old and has some issues. He has poor bladder control and is constantly afraid of anything new or strange. This behavior caused him to be segregated and controlled in the area he had freedom to roam. 

Upon working with Lewis, I quickly discovered that he had a Heart Wall made of black marble, (this is an imaginary wall built from trapped emotions. see Heart-Wall), the same material the owners used in the bathroom he was frequently put in when guests were in the house. Using muscle testing on myself as a proxy, we removed his Heart Wall and after 3 separate sessions, his behavior completely changed. 

Lewis is now much more relaxed and doesn’t “freak out” when new people or animals are around. He has also controlled his peeing much more. Over all, he is a different dog and much more fun to have around. In fact, the last time I saw Lewis, he was sporting a brand new studded collar the family had bought him.

Emotions can drastically effect how animals and pets react. The training process of most animals requires that they are in a mode where they can be trained. If intended trainee has emotional baggage, the training process can be prolonged or ineffective.

Picture a child that has undergone some traumatic experience and the effect it has on his schoolwork in the following weeks. Sometimes it is just too hard or uncomfortable to move on. The Emotion Code ™ helps remove those blocks.

Pain and Handicaps

Since the Emotion Code ™ and the Body Code ™ are so effective with both pain and handicap situations, it only stands to reason that they can also be beneficial to our animals and pets. Understanding what imbalances are in place ... whether mental or physical, the systems help to repair the energy balance that can cause the damaged areas.