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How does it work? 

The question of how the body code works long distance is always something of a surprise to many clients. Yet if you consider the advancements of mankind in the past 100 years, it actually isn’t all that far-fetched. 

If I can pick up a piece of plastic the size of a pack of cards, punch in a few numbers and be connected to someone on the other side of the world and communicate with them as if they were standing right beside me, then I find it hard to believe that I can’t make a connection with them energetically. Using the power of my mind. 

I firmly believe that all of us at times have found ourselves thinking of someone and suddenly they call us. Is it really such a coincidence? We are all connected, linked one way or another by energy … be it positive or negative.  

I have done hundreds of sessions with people all over the world and have used different means to set them up to be done. Whether it be via an email, Facebook request to do the work, done on a phone call as I perform the work, or one of my favorite long distance sources, using Skype so I can not only speak with the client, but show them my screen with the charts I use to determine the sources of imbalance in the body. 

Quantum physics plays a huge part in being able to do this work long distance, yet I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how a cell phone works either, but I use it on a daily basis and rely on there actually being someone on the other end that exists when I’m speaking to them.  

What would this technology have been considered 150 years ago? The simple word is “magic”.   

So what really happens when I do a long distance session? 

First of all, I never do a session without having received some kind of permission from the client or the client’s guardian. Since I work with children and animals along with adults, it is important that everyone exercises their free will as to having this work done. This means children of the age of accountability need to decide if they are willing to have me work with them. For children, this usually means seeing what is going to happen and how it affect them. They are much accepting of this work due to their understanding of today's technology. They realize that anything can happen.

It is amazing to me how many spouses are willing to give me permission to work on their partner … but that isn’t the way it works. Each individual must give consent before I will work with them.  

Secondly, I make a plea to the All Mighty for help. This means asking God to assist me in making a great connection with my client energetically and lending His spirit to be with us as the work is done. There are many different ways that man has devised to heal. It isn’t any different in Energy Healing. Some ways come from sources that can be dangerous. There is a God and there is a Devil. There has always been a counterfeit created when God creates something good. So I believe that there are also ways of healing that come from the Devil.  

I am not going to go into which ones they are … I only know that what I work with comes from the light, or God, in whatever form you believe it to be. Jesus required faith from those He healed; this is also a faith based healing technique. All it takes is a desire to be healed and it can happen.  

Third, after establishing a firm connection, we (the client and I) determine what issues we are going to work on and establish a baseline. This means figuring out what we are going to work on and what level of imbalance we are dealing with. In the cases involving pain, we find out where the pain is on a scale of 1-10. Ten being the most painful and 1 being the least painful. In the case of Anxiety, we use the same scale, discerning just with how much discomfort is present. This helps us determine where we are at the end of the session.

I do this by the use of Kinesiology or muscle testing. This can be done directly with the client, if present, or more likely, using the energetic connection to allow me to muscle test myself as a proxy for the client. Acting as a proxy gives me the ability to do long distance healing and speeds up the process since I know what I am looking for and how the clients subconscious responds. 

Fourth, we get to start asking questions. I use the charts that Dr. Bradley Nelson has created to find imbalances in the body regarding to the issues we determined. I also have created some charts of my own when delving into areas where other charts have not previously been available. Having been a computer programmer in my past, I like things to be organized and logical, so the charts that I create help me be consistent and thorough to find the underlying problems. 

I track each item we find as we search for the source of the imbalance in the body. I continue to ask if there is an underlying reason for the each item, allowing the subconscious to guide me with “yes” and “no” answers, peeling away at the symptoms until we uncover the actual cause of the issue. Sometimes going more than 20 levels deep, but usually between 4-8 levels.  It just depends on the depths the subconscious has gone to protect the body from the source of the problem. 


What is the purpose of the subconscious?  

It is important to realize that our subconscious has a job. It is a computer database with a program to protect. It will do whatever it believes is necessary to keep you alive. Not necessarily to make you happy or healthy, but to keep you alive.  

It records everything that has ever happened to you in vivid detail. It knows when it happened, what it did to you and what it takes to overcome it. It is all there. It has always been just outside of our ability to consciously pull it out. The use of hypnotism has always been the most direct way of doing that … but usually requires the client to switch from conscious to subconscious awareness. The client doesn’t remember what happened during the session and frequently denies that any session actually occurred.  

This is demonstrated repeatedly by Hypnotists at Fairs and shows. This has always been my favorite attraction at the State Fair. I go to watch the Hypnotist bring out amazing things from unsuspecting volunteers. Sometimes getting them to do crazy things, but also to bring out the genius we never suspected. 

Now, however, using the Emotion and Body Code, I can tap into that source with the client being fully aware of what is happening as I do it. The answers are still a surprise, but at least it usually makes sense after we dig them out of the data base that is the clients’ subconscious.   

Fifth, as we establish the core of the issue, we release the levels of imbalances the subconscious used to protect the client from harm. We do this with the use of magnets in most cases. This treatment has the same effect as a magnet would on an actual hard drive - it erases the energy from that problem. It can also be used to reset the circuit for a gland, organ or any other imbalance with the use of intention. In the case of a client that has a pace maker or electronic internal device, a crystal or just my fingers are used on the governing meridian to release the imbalance.


What is Intention? 

Intention is where the focus lies.  I focus on what needs to happen or what our minds desire. I “intend” to heal or reset or adjust. The magnet intensifies that intention and using the power of our minds, it is done by our faith. Pretty heavy stuff … but it works.  

By muscle testing after a release, I can check if there is still something that needs to be done.

Why does the release work? 

Acupuncture meridians travel all over our bodies. They are energy highways that provide balance. There is a meridian called the Governing Meridian that starts at the upper lip and travels up over your head and down your spine to the tailbone. From this meridian, all others are attached in some way. I run a magnet either down or up the body depending on the need to adjust the energy flow of the body, using the Governing Meridian. This is where Intention plays a factor as I inject that intention into the energy flow and thus correct the imbalance. 

What happens if I don’t get to the source of the issue?

As we peel away the layers of an issue, we can “fix” the layer and the body would be balanced for a while. The problem comes when the underlying layers of energy resurface and the things we “fixed” pop out of balance again. A great example is an electrical circuit in your house. If a circuit breaker “pops”, it usually means that somewhere along the circuit there is a problem. Something overloaded the circuit and the failsafe is that the circuit “pops”. It used to be that the actual fuse had to be replaced. It doesn’t matter how many times you replace the fuse or pop the circuit breaker, it will continue to have problems until you find the source of the issue.  

The body functions the same way. If you don’t find that actual “problem” that started the issue, then it will keep coming back. Once the source is corrected, adjusted or removed, then we can expect the issue to go away and not come back. 

Does it work 100% of the time?

If we don't find the actual source, then it is very likely the body will continue to have problems. This is why it is important to use a practitioner who is experienced with asking the right questions. Some problems are "hidden" and require multiple sessions to find them. It is very much like peeling an onion, some issues require peeling away the outer sections until the inner layer finally reveals the source of the issue. There is never a 100% guarantee that any illness or imbalance can be healed, but we can try together to overcome whatever is causing the problem.