Need a Helping Hand?

Book a one-on-one session in Haughton, Shreveport & Bossier City, LA

Trying to manage chronic pain, emotional roadblocks and other personal issues can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to go it alone. The Power of Healing Us in Haughton, Shreveport & Bossier City, LA offers one-on-one sessions to our clients who prefer a more private, personalized experience.

You'll meet individually for an in-person or virtual workshop with our life coach, who has more than 24 years of alternative healing experience. Together, you'll create a personalized wellness plan to help you achieve your goals. Start with a free 15-minute consultation today.

What can you expect from your session?

It can feel intimidating to sign up for a one-on-one session if you're not sure what to expect. To make you feel more comfortable, we've broken down the process below. You can expect to...

  • Choose from in-person, phone or Zoom sessions
  • Review your current life challenges
  • Create a forward path toward achieving your goals
  • Resolve any points of resistance
Your first session will last 90 minutes at a rate of $175, but all following sessions are $150 for an hour. You can also request the sessions be recorded, but we'll never record without your consent. Schedule your first virtual workshop appointment today.

1-on-1 Session with Denise

An appointment with Denise consists of a review of your current life challenges to determine a path forward to achieving your goals. The first visit is ninety minutes long, which allows for an in-depth understanding of your concerns. After that, you may choose a shorter session. Regardless of the time, you will receive amazing insights into your current life challenges and quickly resolve any resistance that is keeping you stuck. By the end of each session, you will be relaxed and at peace with a clear understanding of your new direction to follow.

Sessions - 60 minutes - $150

You can request the session be recorded