Gamify Reality Workshop

7 May 2023, 1 PM EST. (Virtual)

How many times have you recognized that you are stuck in the same looping pattern? Do you have the ability to look it square in the eyes and laugh at it? That's what this 2-hour workshop will help you do. Let's step off the serious train and have some fun with all of this.

  • Are you still looking for "the perfect time" to start a new project?
  • Are you tired of listening to all the "excuses" your "mini-me" makes to scare you from moving forward?
  • Do you know better but do the same old thing expecting a different result?
  • Do you ignore the signs or turn over and go back to sleep?
  • Do you blame outside circumstances and get stuck in the "why" you can't?
  • Are you stuck in the loop of the first time you were told no, that won't work, you can't expect to play all day and get anything done. You have to take life seriously! Really?
  • Do you stop yourself out of fear of failure?

What if you can turn the tables on all of that!

What if you had all the support you needed!

What if you felt inspired to do it anyway and act on your inspiration with carefree abandon!

What if all of your dreams came true!

It's time to Gamify Reality! Are you ready to step into fun, laughter, joy, and play? Join us for a laughter filled workshop to put fun back into your dreams.

Cost: $88. Includes gamify reality essential oil blend. (Shipping calculated at checkout)

Trifecta of Expression Package: Gamify Reality, Activate Evolution, and Spiraling Up Blends

Feel into this statement: "Throw caution to the wind!" How does that make you feel? Do you go into fear? Resistance? Does your "Adult Mini-me" shout, STOP!!! Who do you listen to? Your heart or outdated programming that was all based in fear. It's time to move through all of that, unhook from the programming and the fears it creates and move into Gamifying Reality.


Class handout and video replay will be available for download. Act fast and save 10% if you register by Friday, 5 May, 2023.

Denise Kilonsky and Kathy Read are Master Teachers with a combined teaching experience of 25 years. Students love their synergy when they teach a course together. They both contribute their own levels of mastery and expertise. Students benefit immensely when these two powerful masters come together to teach.

About Kathy

Kathy is THE ORACLE. Source Intelligence is turned on and is consistently expressing in everyday life, a combination of Mastery and Magic. The invitation is for YOU to allow YOUR unstoppable nature to shine forth into expression. It's not only possible, it's the next frontier of human evolution. Kathy has been a life-long seeker of truth and evolution of personal mastery. She combines her years of learning and practice into every course she teaches helping others to become the masters of their own destiny.

About Denise

Denise Kilonsky has a ceaseless passion in supporting and teaching others how to rewire cellular programming to reclaim sovereignty over their body, mind, and spirit. Because of her success utilizing energetic techniques to improve her own life, she enthusiastically teaches others how to do it for themselves. By breaking unconscious agreements held in the environment of our cells, we are able to positively change everything. She enjoys facilitating workshops to teach others how to use these advanced processes to improve their lives on all levels.