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 Miasms - What are they?


Miasms – Originates in Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s book, “The Chronic Diseases” published back in 1828. He splits Miasms into 3 parts, Sycosis (1), Syphilis (2) and Psora (3). The word Miasm means a cloud or fog in the being. Hahnemann proposes that 85% of all diseases are due to the primary and atavist Miasm called Psora. The final 15% is split between Sycosis and Syphilis designations. 

Here is a breakdown of the different forms he describes. 

Sycosis (1) – This form of Miasm is supposed to be responsible for many urinary and sexual disorders and affections of the joints and the mucous membranes. Other afflictions are also attributed partly or mainly to the Sycosis form such as Arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, catarrhs, bronchitis, cystitis and even warts and other warty type growths. 

Syphilis (2) – directed to many diseases of the nervous system, the blood and skeleton along with other physiological disorders. This can include alcoholism, depression, suicidal impulses, insanity, loss of smell and taste, blindness, deafness and ulcerations. Even many heart conditions and some vesicular skin eruptions and diseases are associated with the Syphilis designation. 

Psora (3) (85% of the time) – considered to be the most ancient and insidious Miasm. It is held that all non-venereal chronic diseases are Psoric. This indicates diseases of the chronic nature, skin diseases of all kinds, allergies, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, most mental illnesses (other than syphilitic ones), and most dysfunctional diseases of the organs and systems, etc.  

Some of the other Psoric disorders Hahnemann listed are Catarrhs, asthma, pleurisy, hemoptysis, hydrocephalus, stomach ulcers, scrotal swelling, jaundice, swollen glands, cataract, diabetes, tuberculosis, epilepsy, fevers and suppressed urine as all being typically Psoric manifestations. Plus, of course, the whole gamut of skin problems. He even attributes skin eruptions such as scabies (itch), leprosy and psoriasis. 

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