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Tell me about sessions. What options do I have? 

All sessions are done by using a proxy method of Kinesiology (muscle testing). This means that I make a connection with your subconscious and test on myself for consistency and reliability of answers. I use the proxy method of muscle testing rather than physically testing your arm due to the fact that you may not be testable. This can happen if your neck is out of alignment, dehydrated or tired. There is the possibility of fatiguing your arm and shoulder during physically testing and it also takes longer to gain answers. By testing on myself as a proxy, I receive reliable and quick answers that help me know if there is something more as I test. The proxy method also works well with children and animals. (For more information on why distance sessions work, Click Here)

Most sessions are approximately 35-45 minutes long; they can go longer if there are a lot of questions to be answered. I have no problem answering questions and encourage clients to know how this works, this is why the first session is at no charge … yes, free. I want you to know that this is working for you. You are also welcome to bring along a friend or companion if you feel uncomfortable having a session by yourself. Parents or Guardians of children should always accompany them and are helpful in answering questions during sessions.

You will receive a summary of the session if you would like. This is done via Email after the session has been completed, usually within a day.

Confidentiality – Your sessions are private and confidential. You are protected from outside intrusion without a warrant. I do not discuss your details with other clients except as a learning tool in general, without names or references to the individual. I do sometimes discuss details of cases with other practitioners when needed without the use of names and locations. This is done for assistance in improving the healing of the client and receiving their expertise.

Possible forms of having a session:

  1. In office:
    Acupuncture Shreveport
    745 Olive St. Suite 212
    Shreveport, LA  71104
    (318) 459-9125 Office
  2. Skype Session – this is through the use of Skype technology. This means you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have an adequate Internet connection. You see and hear me and I can see and hear you. Technically, you do not need to have a camera on your computer, but it is nice to see you as I do the testing for you. It allows us the face to face interaction as we develop a relationship. You do need microphone capabilities as we will be talking through the entire session as you interact with questions and answers received from your subconscious. Skype is free to install and use. Here is a link if you don’t have skype and would like to use it.    
  3. Phone Session – Here we use the phone to conduct a session. I put you on speaker and you participate by answering and asking questions that I need to know as we do the session, if your subconscious requests it. The use of my speaker is necessary on my end since I use two hands to do the testing and to record the session on paper. 
  4. Email or set time Session – You do not need to be present to have this be effective. You may be working, or traveling, or unable to take the time directly to listen as I perform the session. If possible, I will text or email to you that I am starting your session and then again when I am done. If it works out better, I can physically call and let you know when the session is starting. I do this because you will be affected by the session as energies are released and you will notice a difference in energy as the session completes. I still request that an appointment be scheduled so if for reason I cannot let you know when the session starts and ends, you will know ahead of time since you know when the session was scheduled. 
  5. Emergency Sessions – I am available if there is an emergency situation that occurs. (If it is something where you need immediate medical attention, PLEASE CALL 911 or an Emergency Service for immediate physical aid.) My Emergency sessions are more pain and emotionally draining situations, where an anxiety or sharp pain occurs after a session has been conducted. This is usually due to processing as the body adjusts its magnetic energy field after having energies released and realigned. This can occur anytime but you can text or call me directly with your concerns. I then will do all I can to accommodate the request. I have apps with me most of the time and I can usually do a session within an hour to help. Once again, I let you know when I start and when I finish. It is helpful to me if I know on a scale of 1-10 how severe the concern is to start and where we are, using that same scale, when the session is finished. 

Why distance sessions can work

For many people it is difficult to understand how distance healing can be done. We have been programmed into believing we have to be available physically in order for us to be “checked out” by a doctor or other medical professional. There is something personal when they can put their expertise into use by poking and prodding during an exam; we feel like something is being done because we can see it and feel it.

In energy work, you cannot see the energy, even though you can feel it. One of the experiments I like to do with clients during a session is have them “feel” the ball of energy in an emotion just before we release it. I can determine the location of the energy on the body since I am connected to you. With that information, in most cases you can feel that energy with your hand and then after the release, it is gone. This can be done whether or not you are present in my office or communicating via Skype or phone.

Let’s look at another example that we accept in the world today.

I purchased a Kindle Fire tablet so I could do my work anywhere with the use of an app. I received instructions on the use of my Kindle to a degree, but sometimes I can’t figure out how to get something to work or I just messed something up.

There is a “Mayday” options on every Kindle Fire that when pressed, a person comes online and I can see them. They talk to me and then after receiving permission, they take control of my Kindle and make the corrections needed. They instruct me by circling the options I need to take and pretty much do whatever they need to do to make my Kindle friendly again. Then they log off and I’m on my own. They did this without me being there or them being here, yet work WAS done because I experienced the difference. I don’t understand the technology, but it works. I’m a happy camper!

This is exactly what happens during a distance session. I log onto your subconscious, WITH PERMISSION, and communicate directly with your core controller … your subconscious. At that point of connection which I achieve through a prayer to God for proper guidance, we, (you and I), can determine what is going on with your system. It answers questions as I use a series of over 260 charts to drill down to establish what the actual cause is for your situation. You can either be there with me for the experience via Office, Skype or Phone, or you could have given me permission to do the work at a specified time.

This is also why I can do emergency work for someone stuck in their car and having a meltdown at the mall. If you call or send a text, I just tap into the most efficient communication system devised … the human mind. If it wasn’t so, you wouldn’t be able to say prayer at night and expect it to get past the ceiling. You wouldn’t experience that friend that calls you, when you have been thinking about them or knowing you need to contact someone because you “feel” they need you. This is the human energy communication system at work … we are all connected.