Tips for Stressful Times

TIP #1:  Just breathe!  One of the first things we do when we are stressed is stop breathing.  Try smelling some Lavender Oil.  It is a calming oil for most people AND it helps with communication!  So, ask for help if you need it!  Pause throughout the day to take in a few deep breaths allowing your belly to expand as you fill your lungs with air.  Put your hands on your heart as you take in each breath and connect with your heart. This will help you to feel centered and grounded.It only takes 1-2 minutes of breathing to calm yourself down. 

 TIP #2:  Take time for yourself. We get so busy, with so many things to do. Check your list. Is there anything you can eliminate? Can someone else do something for you?

TRY THIS: It certainly helps if you make a list; otherwise you keep thinking about what you need to do and that is a waste of energy!  Use your mental energy to stay focused on the task at hand instead of “trying” to remember everything you need to do. Once you write it down you can forget about it until you review your list and see what there is left to do. That way all of your mental energy can go into the task at hand.
 If you find that your mind is “too busy”, try this brain balancing technique to help quiet the mind so you can think straight.


Sit and cross your arms and face your palms together and interlace your fingers.Cross your ankles.Try crossing left over right and then reverse it. See which one feels “uncomfortable”. That is where your energy isn’t flowing smoothly. Sit with arms and ankles crossed in this uncomfortable position for a few minutes.Now, here’s the crazy part; think about what is stressing you!  I know, crazy right? But as you sit in this position and think about what is stressing you, this process is helping to unravel your brain and restore balance to both hemispheres of your brain so you can think straight!When you have a hard time remembering what you were stressing about, your brain is balanced!To lock in the changes, uncross everything and touch your fingertips together for a few seconds to “save the changes”.