Easing Physical and Emotional distress with Energy Work

I believe your subconscious knows exactly what’s causing your condition, aches and pains, and suffering, and knows exactly what you need to restore wellbeing and happiness. That is why I use muscle testing — it’s a deliberate means of asking your subconscious mind a question and discovering the answer.  It’s quite a remarkable way of communicating with the body.

While our conscious mind tends to forget why we walked into a room, your subconscious mind records and remembers everything from experiences, to faces, to places we’ve been; smells, events, and more. In energy work, we use muscle testing to ask our subconscious minds questions and rely on our physical reaction to give us answers.

Muscle testing can be used to tap into the subconscious mind to answer questions about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a noninvasive method designed to determine the potential underlying causes of ailments and discomfort — everything from nutritional needs to trapped emotions.

Using muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious can lead the body to respond to or reinforce positive energy with a “yes” response, and to avoid or refuse negative energy with a “no” response.  These responses are what make muscle testing possible.  So, we tap into this relationship between the subconscious mind and energy by asking “true/false” questions, and then checking the body’s response.

I always muscle test by “proxy” when I work with clients.  Muscle testing by proxy means “to stand for” or “be” someone.  It is much easier to muscle test myself to receive reliable answers and identify the work that needs to be done and quickly restore balance.

When I first learned how to do muscle testing I thought to myself; “Why aren’t doctors taught to do this on their patients?” Rather than guessing what is wrong, what is causing or contributing to the condition or what medication to prescribe, they could just muscle test and ask the body what it needs!  Alas, that reality does not yet exist.  But, you can learn it yourself and ask those questions and get your own answers directly from your body.  It’s an empowered way of living.